Offering a full suite of podcast production services, from concept to editing to promotion.

  • Dialogue and interview editing
  • Audio cleanup
  • Sound design and post-production
  • Custom music, intros/outros and bumpers
  • Show planning and recording assistance
  • Live recording for panels and other events

Contact: | 905-746-8667

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“Eli is a masterful editor, writer, and composer. As the interviews editor of Radio Drama Revival, Eli has a knack for finding the most salient, interesting nuggets of information in a piece of raw tape. He can tighten up a slackened conversation and make it sparkle and sing without leaving so much as a fingerprint.”
— David Rheinstrom, Host, Radio Drama Revival
“Eli is the only dialogue editor I trust to handle the nuances of pacing and performance involved a compelling story, whether through the personal narratives of interviews or the sonic tapestries of audio fiction.”
— Matthew Boudreau, Executive Director, Aural Stage Studios

Featured Credits

“Eli made an immediate impact on the quality of our podcasts. He’s given them a richer, more professional sound and saved me a massive amount of time so I can focus on the parts of podcasting that I love most. I’d happily recommend him to anyone getting into the space.”
— Paul McEnany, Host, Real Famous and Tastemakers
“Eli is the secret weapon that allows me to create award-winning podcasts. From input during pre-production through to dialogue editing and some of the best sound design and custom music on this planet, I can’t recommend anyone higher when it comes to audio production for podcasts.”
— Sean Howard, Creator, The End of Time and Other Bothers