Audio Drama

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Lead writer, co-director, sound designer, composer (2014–)
A Pratchett-esque fantasy medical sitcom. Gold Mark Time Award and Parsec Awards nominee, 2015.

The Axe & Crown

Lead writer, co-director, sound designer, composer (2017–)
Gubbin the troll innkeeper butts heads with his cheery new landlord.

The End of Time and Other Bothers

Producer, sound designer, composer (2018–)
An improvised comedy set in the world of Alba Salix.

HartLife NFP

Sound Design, “Tales from Albuquerque, Part Three” (2018)
Sound Design, “The Lesane Manuscript” (2017)

Aural Stage Studios

Dialogue Editor, 5 Levels of Fear (2017)

11th Hour Productions

Dialogue Editor, “Heavenly Deception” (2016)
Dialogue Editor, “Vultures Over Low Doves” (2015)

Talk and Interview Podcasts

Radio Drama Revival

Interview Producer (2016–)
A podcast showcase featuring the best of contemporary audio drama.

Plein Air Agency, LLC

Editor, Real Famous (2017–), Tastemakers (2018–)

Here Be Dragons

Producer (2016–2017)
A show about life in the new economy.

Attention Surplus

Producer (2011–2014)
A conversation about our search for purpose and a meaningful life.

Interview Appearances

Write Now

Radio Drama Revival

Audio Drama Production Podcast

The Sonic Society