The theme to the improvised comedy-drama podcast Civilized, inspired by the stirring, optimistic music of 1970s science fiction.

The theme to real-play podcast The End of Time and Other Bothers takes inspiration from indie rockers like the New Pornographers.

A Mussorgsky-inspired cue from Other Bothers.

A bombastic prog-rock introduction for the second story arc on Other Bothers.

An orchestral/electronic theme for Inn Between, a scripted fantasy-comedy podcast.

The theme to the award-winning fantasy hospital sitcom Alba Salix, Royal Physician, heavily influenced by Steeleye Span and Jethro Tull.

A very ’60s spy show theme tune.

Moody chamber electronics with a hint of Paddy Kingsland and Shadowfax. Featured in The End of Time and Other Bothers.

Theme for The Axe & Crown, a podcast sitcom about a troll who runs a tavern. Pipes and drums mixed with a bit of ’90s slacker alt-rock.

Electronic power pop: Depeche Mode, Orbital and perhaps even a hint of Pixies.

A Raymond Scott-tinged medley for a holiday video greeting from a bevy of audio dramatists and fiction podcasters. How many shows can you spot?

“Each theme tune Eli has written has me coming away humming. They’re memorable, brief, and unique—he’s a very versatile composer, conversant in many different styles of songwriting.”
— David Rheinstrom, Host, Radio Drama Revival