Basic Podcasting

  • Up to 1 hour of raw audio
  • Sound enhancement (noise reduction and cleanup)
  • Basic edit:
  • Dynamic compression to ensure consistent loudness levels
  • Add prerecorded intro/outro and midroll
  • File tagging and upload to podcast host
  • 1 week turnaround

USD $50 / CAD $60 per episode

Premium Podcasting

Everything included in Basic Podcasting, plus:

  • Detailed edit: pauses, ums and ahs, and other unwanted sounds
  • Content edit: selecting
  • 3 business day turnaround

USD $100 / CAD $120 per episode

Additional Services

  • Audio hosting setup
  • Advice on gear and recording
  • Website design and coding
  • Live event recording
  • Custom music, intros, outros, midroll bumpers and promos
  • Show notes and copywriting
  • Episode transcription

Email for rates: